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Buttermere Sunrise

How to buy your very own Framing Places print

There are a number of options how to make a purchase. To get the best possible price, select the one that will work best for your geographic location:

Shipping address in the UK and Europe

If you're ordering from somewhere with the British Isles and the European mainland, you can simply hit the "Buy Prints" button in any of the galleries on the website.
Orders will be routed to Loxeley Print in Scotland, who produce wonderful quality prints, aluminis, acrylics and more.

Shipping address in USA and Canada

You can of course simply order through the Framing Places website, but shipping prices are likely to be high for you, and you may well get hit with import fees. 
If you're ordering from North America, I'd recommend clicking through to the "Buy prints from this gallery" link at the top of each gallery. 
This takes you to Framing Places on Fine Art America / Pixels, and wherever possible, print orders will automatically be routed to a US-based print shop once you enter your shipping address.


Some ad hoc products (e.g. special editions, one off prints) are available in the FramingPlaces Etsy shop. Do check it out every now and then for a new listing.

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