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24th February 2018

Ah, the Sunshine State. I think it might have been the countless adverts for the Florida Keys that have been running on American TV for the last few months, that made me decide to book a week-long trip to the South of Florida. Initially, I wasn't actually too sure if I made the right decision visiting just one State in the space of a whole week, considering I've been trying to hit two or three over a weekend recently.
But I don't regret the decision one bit: it's been fab! Not only does Florida have some of the best (and cleanest) beaches I've seen so far, the abundance and variety of wildlife got me very excited. After a couple of days exploring the Keys, Irma-evidence still very much present in the lesser known Keys, I made my way over to the West Coast for a few days in the Ten Thousand Islands and Everglades. This was hands down the highlight of the week! Whether on tourist trail, on a boat, or off the beaten track, this part of Florida has a lot to offer. I don't think I've ever seen so many different types of birds in a relatively small area! The landscape, too, is beautiful, and the sunsets are to die for. I have a suspicion that I will be back..

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New Jersey and Delaware (and Pennsylvania)

22nd January 2018
It's become a bit of a running joke in the office: I'm no longer asked "how" my weekend was, but rather "where" I was :)
To keep up the reputation, I hired a car from Newark airport on Saturday, and headed to the Jersey Shore. As usual, my plan was a little on the ambitious side. Why visit one State, when you can see two. And as it turns out, I accidentally managed three in one day.
After spending the morning in a very quiet Asbury Park, and even more deserted Allaire State Park, I decided to drive to Wilmington and Dover in Delaware. The drive was fairly underwhelming, and I wasn't too convinced by especially the outskirts of Wilmington. But Dover is absolutely worth a visit - unless you go during a Government Shutdown. Nothing was open!! I was hoping to spend a little time at the National Archive, but no such luck. Still, the legislative quarter of the city is very pretty and it's interesting just wandering around the area.
To avoid having to drive back the same route I came, and with daylight hours disappearing fast, I decided to carry on South to Lewes to take the ferry over to Cape May, NJ. My timing was impeccable - on the hour-long ferry ride, I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets I had seen in a while, and of course I had some time to relax and think about what to do with the remaining hours before I was meant to return the car.
Unfortunately it was already completely dark by the time I disembarked in Cap May. This is apparently a really pretty town, so maybe I need to go back there one day. As I was heading back onto the nearest Interstate, I decided to swing past Atlantic City on the way. I'd heard a lot about it, and even though it sounds very much like something I would not enjoy in the slightest, I thought there might be some photo opportunities at least. Unfortunately, the most impressive sight is the approach into Atlantic City, but of course there's nowhere to stop for taking pictures. That boardwalk did not appeal to me (maybe if I had not been on my own it would have been a different story), so I called it a night. That is, until my GPS decided to take my back to Newark via Philadelphia where I not only found a perfect spot to take photos of the skyline, but also witnessed a stunning moonset!

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North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia

18th January 2018
Ah, a long weekend. With Martin Luther King Jr day on Monday 15th, and the freezing cold that had the North East in its grip for a few weeks now, I thought how nice it would be to go somewhere even just a little bit warmer. I was told that the Carolinas and Georgia are usually quite mild this time of year, most likely "in the 60s" (around 15 degrees celsius), so I booked an additional day off work and bought a return flight to Charlotte, NC.
Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA had been on my list of places to see ever since I arrived in New York in October, so I was excited to finally go there. In hindsight, I should have been a little smarter about this trip as the recent "Bomb Cyclone", the icy winter storm that had made its way up the East coast a couple of weeks prior, had left the region in a state of temperature shock (for lack of a better description). It was still pretty damn cold down there, and I was cursing myself for not packing proper gloves and my thick winter scarf..
Despite this, of course I still made the most of the time I had in the area. Charleston is such a pretty and clean little town, it's absolutely worth a visit. The coastal part of South Carolina is equally beautiful with its marshy inlets and fabulous beaches. Moving into Georgia, the landscape does not change too much in the Southern region, though I felt almost a little disappointed with Savannah, in comparison to Charleston. The city seemed a little more run down and just not quite as quaint and pretty. But, having said that, a historical and architectural walking tour I joined while I was there, was very helpful in understanding the city and its gruesome history and layout better.
Similar to South Carolina, Georgia has some very pretty beaches. Of course when it's cold they're completely deserted (apart from some people walking around wrapped in blankets or sleeping bags to keep warm (no joke!). And as is typical for the Southern States, there are plenty of Plantations and Estates dotted about which can be visited most days of the year. I opted for Wormsloe Estate, which is mostly famous for it's oak tree lined alley, apparently the longest in the world.
To round off this trip, I headed back North to Asheville, NC, a cute little artist town near the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are plenty of parks and forests in the area too, which I would have loved to explore more. But with the limited time I had, I just managed a short trip to the Triple Falls waterfall, as well as Lake James, for a quick nature fix before heading back to the Big Apple.

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Michigan and Illinois

31st Dec 2017
The holidays brought me to Northern Michigan this year for a very white Christmas. On the one hand it was really nice to see everything covered in a fluffy white blanket, but on the other hand, it made getting out and about a little difficult. On some occasions we had to change our route, or abandon plans because of bad weather. The landscape around Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix is pretty spectacular though, and I'd love to see what it's like there during a warmer time of year.
I will say the same thing about Illinois. After my trip to Michigan I took a short stop over in Chicago, to explore this amazing city. It really is a fantastic place, but I understand why it's called the Windy City now. The wind there really is something else.. Even though I was wrapped up nice and warm, the icy wind and snow made my face and hands feel numb within minutes of going outside. Still, I battled on and made sure to see as much of the city as possible! It's a great lake-side city, with an exciting history - and I'll have to re-visit some time in the summer.

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Washington DC and Virginia

17th Dec 2017
I wasn't planning to take this trip until some time in the New Year, but somehow, on Friday evening as I was winding down at work, I had the grand idea of checking out if there's a reasonably priced way of spending the weekend in the Capital. A few hours later, I was on the 3am train, heading South West.
The good thing about the super early start was of course that I'd arrive around sunrise, which at this time of year is just after 7am. And I was hoping that at this time of the day, there'd be very limited numbers of people out and about. So as soon as I arrived, I jumped into a taxi headed for the Lincoln Memorial. An excellent move, if I may say so myself! There were maybe five people crawling around, and after a few minutes, I had the memorial to myself.
From there on I spent nearly all waking hours walking around the city, joining bus tours, and taking plenty of day and night pictures. It was very tiring 36 hours, but totally worth it.

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Washington and Alaska

28th Nov 2017
So now that I'm based in NYC, where could I go to make the best possible use of my temporary US location? As far away from New York as possible, apparently. And ideally somewhere no sane person would consider a holiday location at the end of November.
Unsurprisingly, when my cousin suggested spending Thanksgiving with the family in Alaska, I loved the idea! Even more so when I found out that all flights from New York to Anchorage stop over in Seattle, giving me the perfect excuse to break up the journey and spend a few days in Washington as well.

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New York

This State is so much more than the famous "Big Apple": the city that never sleeps, where tourists pose with the Naked Cowboy at Times Square, or crush each other in the crowds of people moving up Fifth Avenue, seemingly as one, hoping to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza. Where people work 24/7, and the hard core of them never seem to leave the city. 
In stark contrast to this, New York also has what could almost be considered as countryside! None of it is as deserted and remote as I would like, but the air seems cleaner, so it's a start.

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Framing Places: The Concept

The "Framing Places" project started out as a challenge, proposed to me by a friend and colleague, based on my temporary relocation to New York City. I should visit every single US state, she suggested, and then publish my pictures in a photo book!

This is just the kind of crazy idea that excites me, so before I knew it I had a project name and a website, and an online order for a couple of travel guides to inspire me.
Of course, six months is way too short for this grand plan (considering I'm mainly here for work), and winter is likely to be pretty bleak in most States. But I'm going to take the opportunity to make a start at least!

In order to bridge the gap until I have sufficient photographic material of all 50 States, this website will also be host to my best pictures from past and future trips and adventures. And maybe I will try out the photo book idea on a smaller scale first - we'll see.
Either way, I intend to have lots of fun travelling and taking photos for everyone to enjoy!

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