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October 7th 2019: Montauk Sunrise and Surfing
August 26th 2019: Super Sunflower Sunset
May 21st 2019: Northern Ireland (County Antrim)
April 28th 2019: Frogs (studio shoot)
April 1st 2019: Dorset, Jurassic Coast

Welcome to Framing Places Photography

Let me take you on a journey to beautiful and amazing places - from some of the world's busiest cities, all the way to scenic countryside locations.

I am a keen amateur photographer, and I love getting out and about with my camera. Landscapes, cityscapes, wildlife, and the occasional bit of macro are the types of photography I enjoy the most.

Recently my travel schedule has become a little busier than normal and this seemed a perfect opportunity to build a fun photography project around it.

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photo by Mark Wigfield

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